Cast Iron for Appealing Architecture

is what we would like to show you on this homepage. If you value the special things in life, unique and beautiful objects, you should know that we have been one of the prime adresses in Austria since 1990.
Our cast iron products are both long lasting and appealing.
We can offer you old Viennese gas lanterns for electrical use, chandeliers, various fountains, decorative water basins, spiral staircases, road signs and other signs in grey cast iron, cast aluminium, brass and bronze.
We specialize in making individually designed products.
We are always happy to meet your personal wishes, and are there to help you from the planning stage to the installation of the finished product.
Our customers are Austrian companies, councils and private home owners, as well as international firms all over the world. Reference lists are available on request.
The objects shown in this catalogue are only examples of our product range.
If you require additional information we would gladly send it to you.

Old Vienna cast iron

Rennweg 49,
A-1030 Vienna / Austria

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Our premises with retail showrooms are located at Rennweg 49, 1030 Vienna / Austria.



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